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Andrew Marston & Nature of Wires ft Steve Attridge & The Sleeping Giants: Speed Of Sound (The Chain)

A track that’s been 12 years in the making!

Having been a huge fan of the Fleetwood Mac bassline since growing up watching Formula 1 - I desperately wanted to reboot this into a dance sequence.

We’ve seen the success a major bassline - such as 7 Nation Army - so my aim was to make this the lead line and come up with a new bass so it works in a club.

The early demos, for this, were made at a studio in Hereford - but the inspiration stopped there.

Several years later, I was blown away with the vocal presence of Andrew James - whose main songwriter was the inspirational Steve Attridge, from Evesham. So the task was set…

Luckily (and sadly), Andrew’s vocals completely blew the original composition out of the water...and the key was totally wrong. After much technical wizardry, the two just wouldn’t glue together.

At the point I received the vocals, I was driving across the Mid West in America and I remember the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end!

Unfortunately, all of the instruments used on the original had been sold on eBay (!) - so a new structure around Andrew’s vocals was required.

Step forth Gary Watts from Nature Of Wires, who’d remixed one of my tracks before. However - this time it was different - there was no track to remix!

Working together over a few sessions, the track took shape and moulded into the speaker-blowing production you can hear today.

Wait…licensing… Despite email after email to publishers all over the world, the initial excitement they showed soon ended up in an internet black hole - and the project ground to a halt.

Eventually, after more than two years of conversations with legal teams and record label bosses, I was pointed in the direction of a team of people (in America) who would sort all of the licensing out for a fee.

To do this, we’ve had to surrender 100% of the composition rights back over to Fleetwood Mac.

But, the track isn’t about the money.

It began as an exciting collaboration and to watch an idea step into a full on club banger in just 12 years (I know, right) is one of the satisfying things that can happen to a musician.

As many will tell you, most of their best work has never seen the light of day.


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