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I’ve not only spent more than half of my life behind the record decks - but I’m also the longest serving Introducing presenter at the BBC. Every week, hundreds of original artists send their music direct to my inbox and I regularly travel to some of the hottest music nights in world; Ibiza, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, London and NYC. I'm also a musician, having played keys and synths since the age of 6.


While some people collect stamps or coins, I collect music, and I want to share some of these discoveries with you. I’ve always had an ear for a hit - and never failed to get a dancefloor pumping, which is why I've always been invited back to every place I've ever played. I’m a huge fan of all things EDM; Progressive, Electro, Deep House & Trance - but, being a musician myself, sometimes the most interesting mixes come from smashing two different genres together. As well as live bootlegs, I regularly tour with a saxophonist, rapper, vocalist and percussionist as well as writing my own tracks.

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