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Will you send me a demo/tracklist?


Having DJd 125 times last year, it still comes as a complete shock when somebody asks me that! I read a wonderful blog, last year, where an industry professional said “you wouldn’t ask a hairdresser to service your car - and you wouldn’t let a mechanic audit your accounts”. Yet I’ve met so many DJs who play records at night and, by day, work in a shoe shop! Discovering new music is what I do - and I refer to my best discoveries as my “secret weapons” - tracks that will blow the roof off any venue. Every week I listen to in excess of 400 tracks - and very very few will ever make the final cut. Yet an audio recording will never convey the energy - the manipulation - and the live sampling of what was going on in the club at that time.


I do, however, release the tracks and listen again for my radio show.


What music do you play?


The radio show is a funny beast. Everyone thinks the credibility of having your own show

on the BBC means every door just swings open for you - but I still have people saying

“I wouldn’t want that played at our venue” based on what they’ve heard on-air. So when

I get asked “what genre do you play”, I always respond with “whatever you - as the

client - wants”. The radio show is one thing, but the sets are a very different thing

altogether. Yes, sometimes that makes managers nervous - but their bar staff

wouldn’t serve a customer with a Jagerbomb if they’ve asked for a pint!


I also read somewhere that when MySpace first launched, something like 60,000 new artists were signing up every single day. If you want somebody who plays the same songs in the same order, every night, so you can reset your watch at midnight - click away now!


Do you talk?


Sheesh! I present a radio show. Of course I can talk. If you want me to.


What about requests?


Nowadays I get more people saying “here’s a list of stuff we don’t want” than pages of “what we like”. Requests from joe-public I take on merit. If I'm in the middle of a house set with a packed dancefloor, I’m not going to bang the brakes on and play AC/DC. I do like requests because 99% of people ask for stuff they really want to hear - and it’s another way to make new discoveries. Before taking on a residency, I usually ask the promoter  “what three songs best represent your night” - from there I can musically join the dots. But if you really do want me to read the crowd and have everyone’s arms in the air, I’d say keep requests to an absolute minimum.


What equipment do you need?


For sound: Either 2 x RCA Phono Inputs, 2 x 1/4" Jacks or 2 x XLR inputs up to 1M away from setup

(more available upon request).

For video: Either VGA, Composite, S Video, Mini DisplayPort or HDMI up to 1M away from setup

(more available upon request).

I’m also able to hire in full sound-system and lighting rig where equipment isn’t provided as standard.


Will you advertise with us?


I put an advert in the paper 4 times when I was 14-years-old and I’m still getting three gigs a week

through word-of-mouth. However, the funny thing is, there’s still people advertising now that were

advertising back then. I’m now a firm believer of “there’s a reason why they have to advertise every week”.

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